Shaina Rae - Lead Vocals
Kate Alabaster - Lead guitar
Joe Bosslet - Rhythm guitar
Marlon Deppen – Bass Guitar
Dwayne Scott - Drums

Alabaster left their family, friends, jobs, and loved ones to move out of the dingy suburbs of Chicago and make Seattle their new home to focus solely on their music. The band has sacrificed it all for one dream and one purpose, to get the music and art to as many people as possible. So for those who love the perfectly executed mix of lyrical melodies loaded with harmonies, will find Alabaster an epic win. Their style is reminiscent of The Dangerous Summer, Rise Against, Paramore, and Flyleaf getting it on with Anberlin. Basically, it’s straight up ear candy.

Alabaster loves playing on the road and has graced the stages of CMJ in NYC, Warped Tour, and has played in over 25 states and 50 cities all across the USA. In 2011 new opertunities have raged across the horizon as they come out with their new CD titled: “Unraveled” on December 10th 2011. This disc will take them on the road for the rest of their lives and they couldn’t be more stoked!